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New partnerships and new technologies – all part of RedPro’s New Year

2020 is here and we thank our valued clients for their ongoing support. As we continue to work on our varied list of client projects, we have also set a goal for this year to leverage solid partnerships to offer clients even greater value and more robust, comprehensive solutions.

Towards the end of 2019 we had the privilege of signing agreements with procurement and resourcing business providers abroad which we will elaborate on as the year progresses. The purpose of this and many of our other partnerships is to enhance access to much-needed technology and engineering expertise – and support similar investment back into South Africa.

We are positive about the future and our technological advancements in terms of mobility solutions will set the course for many of our other developments.

As Gerhard Claassen, CEO of RedPro, concludes: “Anything we touch, see and use today started off with a dream. When it comes to personal mobility, the dream has already awaken in many different shapes and uses. It is the way of the future. It is already our reality.”

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